Leasing Services

As stewards of owned and leased real estate property assets, we offer strategic advice on all aspects of leasing services.  This includes providing options analysis for new leases or lease renewals. We work with clients to reduce costs, improve program efficiencies and identify best use for surplus space. When not part of standard lease negotiations, we will find and establish specific parking arrangements to suit client strategic decisions about their space requirements.

We act as both the tenant representative and the lease administrator to advise and enforce provisions of specific leases and parking licenses. This includes providing day-to-day and strategic advice to facility management services, reviewing leases to clarify responsibilities, enforce lease obligations, identify non- performance and negotiate resolutions.

Lease Administration

We administer leases on behalf of clients, assuming responsibilities like maintaining a database of lease information, completing lease compliance reviews (audits to prevent overcharging by landlords), preparing annual budgets, making payments, and providing strategic lease advice.   

New Lease Negotiation

We represent the client that will occupy the space and establish the contract with the landlord as a tenant representative. This includes analysis based on the client requirements, estimating occupancy costs, advertisement of space and management of the procurement process, thorough financial analysis, selection of the best option, negotiation with landlords, negotiation of the lease document and lease agreement, and set up of the agreement for ongoing management and administration. We are committed to ensure new leases are negotiated within timelines established and agreed upon with the client.  

Lease Renewals

We renew lease arrangements based on client requirements. The process is similar to the New Lease Negotiation service although it requires no advertising or procurement processes and requires time-sensitive action to favorably negotiate the lease.

Lease Consulting Services

We offer expert consulting services in market analysis, lease options analysis and negotiating strategies. Lease Consultants review the client’s portfolio and make recommendations, based on client needs and market conditions, to either build/buy or lease a building.

Parking Services

As part of our stewardship role we manage parking stalls within our owned and leased properties. We represent the client that will occupy the parking spaces, establishing the contract with the landlord as a tenant representative.   

Site Usage for Film and TV Production

We coordinate the scheduling of site usage (within our real estate portfolio) by film and TV production crews and cooperate with regional film commissions to facilitate the expansion of the BC film and TV production industry to other areas of the province. Please contact EventAndFilmRequests@gov.bc.ca for questions regarding filming applications. *Note: Contact the appropriate municipal representative for a filming licence prior to filming on government property.