Workplace Planning Services

We develop optimal workplace solutions for clients, including planning and implementing flexible work options, known in BC as Leading Workplace Strategies (LWS).  LWS, also known as Alternative Workplace Strategies in the general workplace, is a shift in the approach to accommodating office work from traditional dedicated office space to work styles that reflect greater worker mobility and greater choice in work settings.

Providing professional advice and creating integration between technology, space and human resource practices, we support an innovative approach to managing staff and optimizing workplaces.

All LWS projects are designed with the client in mind, and as such, no two projects are the same.  Our team of experts has turned flexible work option into a fine science, and our clients are benefiting from the triple bottom-line results.  LWS spaces facilitate a variety of options for interaction and collaboration, strengthening communication and teamwork across an organization.  Projects typically result in ample space for an increased number of staff working in one area. 

LWS aligns work environment and mobility tools with work patterns to support employee productivity and organizational agility to optimize capital investments and operating expenditures.  Multiple strategies are typically blended to achieve a desired business result and are tailored to organizational need.

We complete a needs analysis, identify options, and work with clients to select an optimal solution.  If requested, we also assist with implementing the solution.

Strategic Facilities Planning

We work with clients to assess their budget and program needs to provide the feedback required for annual facilities planning and financial purposes.  Services include forecasting demand for space, analyzing the supply of available space, and providing future options/advice.

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