Asset Management Services

We assist clients by managing real estate investments to optimize value over the duration of the asset’s life span.  Advice is provided on whether assets should continue to be used or if assets are at the end of the life cycle and should be disposed.

Part of our strategic advice is based on information gained through conducting facility condition assessments and using industry benchmarks.  Maintenance and repair programs are developed using facility condition reports incorporating other government priorities such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring facilities are barrier free for those with disabilities, and conserving built heritage.

Disposal of Real Estate Assets

We sell properties for the Province. Services include appraising the site and completing due diligence activities (e.g., First Nations consultation, title reviews, environmental reports, geotechnical reports) to ensure proper zoning is in place and readiness to market the space. We manage the sales through a real estate professional, recommending offers from prospective purchasers and suggesting counter offers.

Site Selection and Development

We work with clients to find the location that will meet their operational requirements. This includes working with an appraiser to assess potential sites, working with clients to select a site, performing all necessary due diligence (e.g. Appraised value, First Nations consultation, title reviews, environmental reports, geotechnical reports) and acquiring a site for future operations.  This may include rezoning, redevelopment proposals, or advice to determine the highest and best use of potential properties.

Additionally, we work on behalf of clients to negotiate rights of way, coordinate survey work, and submit plans for registration at the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia.

Competitive Procurement Opportunities

We seek listing proposals on a property-specific basis. As such, we do not have a standing roster of pre-qualified real estate companies. We will post brokerage opportunities to the BC Bid website and real estate companies are invited to submit listing proposals using the property information and guidelines contained within the site. We assess all listing proposals received and award the listing to the firm that is best suited for the assignment.  All submissions will be strictly confidential. There is no charge to view or download documents on the BC Bid website.

Risk Management

By leveraging our experience in real property management, in conjunction with subject matter experts in property law and occupational health and safety, we are able to ensure prudent risk management is applied to the hazards inherent with property ownership.

Inventory Management and Reporting

We provide and maintain a corporate facilities inventory from which projects, budgets, and billings are driven.  We can provide detailed information and regular reporting to clients regarding location, occupancy, and building attributes per site or on a provincial scale.  In-house subject matter expertise is available regarding Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) standards.  Detailed rentable area analysis can also be provided by us for co-location situations.

Property Tax Assessment Appeals

We ensure the assessed value of the taxes (Grant-in-Lieu or Property Tax) do not exceed market value.  When appropriate, we submit appeals to the BC Assessment Authority.  Through this process we saved our clients approximately $3M over the last 10 years.

Geographic Information Systems, Computer Aided Design, Design Drawing Services

We operate an electronic document library that can catalogue, index, and maintain all drawing disciplines (e.g. architectural, mechanical, and electrical). In-house expertise is available to clients for updating of Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings to reflect minor tenant improvement work and changes related with program and/or office moves. On request, we build custom Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps reflecting information relevant to client needs (i.e. cost information, location size, building plans and photos, number of staff). End-use for these GIS maps could include business continuity and emergency management plans, long range facilities planning, senior management presentations, and more.

Detailed electronic floor plans showing the layout and program areas for specific buildings can be produced for clients.  This service allows clients to see where staff and office equipment are located and makes planning easier.