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Shared Services BC provides shared supply solutions to support ministries, Crown corporations, the broader public sector, and the citizens of BC. Best of all, this offered suite of necessary products and services can be customized to suit any organization's needs.

Value and expertise; delivered.

  • Shared Services BC provides the benefits of consolidated purchasing power, reduced duplication and specialized knowledge
  • A structured and professional team can manage all day-to-day operations matters for clients, which allows clients to focus on delivering their mandate
  • As a trusted government partner, Shared Services BC demonstrates compliance with regulatory and legal requirements

Experience the benefits of supply solutions:

  • Reduce project turnaround times
  • Gain access to dozens of pre-negotiated arrangements put in place by experts
  • Streamline accounts payable with the purchasing card program
  • Maximize returns on surplus sales
  • Secure, personalized document print and mailing services
  • Save up to 50% with BC Mail MyShip courier/shipping accounts



For more information on our programs and services, please see BC Bid Resources or contact us at 250-387-3309.

The Queen’s Printer is a 155 year old ministry organization. The Queen’s Printer building, which is on Victoria’s heritage register, was constructed in 1928 in art-deco style.

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