Provincial Security Advisory Council (PSAC)

Cyber security threat landscape has never been as complex as it is today.  The frequency and severity of attacks are higher than ever.  No organization globally is immune to attack.  In order to mitigate risk, organizations must actively partner with one another and engage in timely sharing of information ranging from threat intelligence to security best practices.


The Provincial Security Advisory Council is a leading Canadian model for much needed cooperation and information sharing in cybersecurity between private sector and government.


To be a confidential forum for the BC Government’s Office of the CISO, and a diverse set of local, accomplished Information Security Practitioners from the BC Business Community to openly exchange ideas and observations, and develop practical solutions about current cyber security challenges.

The BC PSAC endeavors to enter a broad range conversations from user awareness, to threat landscape and industry trends, to recruiting challenges, and new technology, with the ultimate goal being the members’ attainment of the most coherent view possible of the prevailing cyber security landscape.


The formation of the Provincial Security Advisory Council (PSAC) was announced on September 9th at the Vancouver Security SIG / ISC2 Annual General Meeting.  The trial period occurred in 2017 and, based on the value provided, was recommended to continue through 2019.

The membership is composed of security professionals primarily outside of public sector and recognizes those who have been responsible for building and maintaining the security community in British Columbia.

These professionals agreed to meet quarterly to advise provincial government and share their expertise on matters relating to cybersecurity.

Members share information, highlight opportunities to develop cybersecurity talent, identify key opportunities to collaborate on projects, capabilities, and other strategic initiatives.


  • Alex Dow
  • Anwar Visram
  • Dominic Vogel
  • Edward Pereira
  • Elson Kung
  • Hugh Burley
  • Ian Naumenko
  • Josh Stevens
  • Justin Malczewski
  • Kimberley St. Pierre
  • Michael Argast
  • Michael Leung
  • Orvin Lau
  • Rob Slade

Meeting Chair

Meetings are chaired by the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the Province of BC.

Meeting Frequency

Regularly scheduled meetings occur quarterly.  Additional meetings may be scheduled as necessary.