Commissioner for Teacher Regulation

British Columbia Commissioner for Teacher Regulation

The Commissioner for Teacher Regulation is an independent statutory decision maker who is appointed for a five-year term under the Teachers Act.

It's the Commissioner's responsibility to oversee the discipline process for certified educators in B.C.  The Commissioner reviews the conduct and competence of educators in B.C. and helps enforce the standards for educators.

Addressing concerns about teacher competence and conduct in a way that's transparent, fair, and in the public interest.

Receive Complaints or Reports About Teacher Conduct & Competence

The Commissioner reviews all complaints from the public and reports from teachers, schools and school districts about teacher conduct or competence, The Commissioner does not decide if a person is guilty, but instead has the authority to

  • Investigate
  • Close a matter by not taking further action
  • Offer a consent resolution agreement (if declined, the Commissioner may order a hearing, and appoint a hearing panel

Make a complaint (anyone)

Anyone can make a complaint about the misconduct or incompetence of a teacher.


File a report (as a teacher, school or school board)

Certified teachers and school boards or independent schools have a duty to report misconduct or incompetence.


Make Rules and Procedures


The Commissioner makes rules and processes for resolving reports or complaints, investigations and hearings.

Rules are based on procedural fairness and help ensure the balance of public interest and a certificate holder’s right to due process.

 Review Appeals Related to Teacher Certificates


The Commissioner reviews teacher certification appeals.

The Commissioner can review reconsideration decisions related to:

  • Being refused a teaching certificate
  • Being given a type of teaching certificate that is different than the one you applied for
  • Limitations or conditions on a teaching certificate
  • Having a teaching certificate rescinded

Make an appeal by submitting the Appeal of a Reconsideration Decision Form (PDF).

See the decisions made by a certification appeal hearing panel

 Release Annual Reports


The Commissioner releases annual reports that include a statistical review of complaints, reports and investigations.

See also Discipline Outcomes and Statistics.