Make a Teacher Complaint to the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation


Parents, students, staff or other members of the public

Anyone can make a written complaint about the conduct or competence of a teacher to the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation.

Most concerns are best dealt with at the school level. Before submitting a complaint to the Commissioner, you should discuss your concerns with the educator or their supervisor. If necessary, you should then contact the superintendent’s office or independent school authority.

Boards of education and independent school authorities each have their own policy and process for addressing complaints. Go through the local complaint process before initiating a complaint with the Commissioner. Parents can also ask a representative from their local parent advisory council to assist them.

If your concern about the conduct of an educator is not adequately addressed at the school level, you can contact us directly or submit a complaint to the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation. 

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Find out what happens after a complaint is made – see how the discipline process works.