Standards for B.C. Educators

Last updated on January 29, 2024

Teacher regulation and standards organizations

Commissioner for Teacher Regulation

Commissioner for Teacher Regulation

Addresses concerns about teacher competence and conduct in a way that's transparent, fair, and in the public interest

BC Teachers' Council

BC Teachers' Council

Sets standards required to receive and maintain a certificate of qualification and for post-secondary teacher education programs in B.C.

Independent School Teaching Certificate Standards Committee (ISTCSC)

Independent School Teaching Certificate Standards Committee 

Sets the standards required to receive and maintain an independent school teaching certificate (ISTC) and determines which standards apply for each type of ISTC


B.C. Educator Standards

Standards guide the practice, conduct and competence of B.C. teachers

Reporting an educator’s conduct or competence

If a teacher does not follow the teaching the standards there is a process for filing a complaint


 Information about Certified Teachers in B.C.

Stats about Certificate Holders

Statistics about teacher certification

Number of valid certificate and Letter of Permissions holders in B.C.

Find a Teacher

Registry and status of certified teachers

The public online registry provides information about teachers, including the status of their certificate or letter of permission and any record of disciplinary action

Search the Discipline Database

Search Discipline Outcomes

Search discipline outcomes, including archived decisions made by the former BC College of Teachers