Photo BC Services Card

If you're already enroled in the Medical Services Plan (MSP), you can get a Photo BC Services Card to

  • Replace your CareCard
  • Use as a reliable piece of photo ID

If you drive, a more convenient option is to combine your driver’s licence with your BC Services Card.

How to Get this Card

Follow the steps to get a Photo BC Services Card.

See the Card

Front of Photo BC Services CardBack of Photo BC Services Card

1. BC Services Card
The card is a BC Services Card only.

2. Name
The first, middle and last name of the individual.

3. Card Issued Date
The date an individual had their identity verified at an ICBC driver licensing office.

4. Card Expiry Date
Renew your BC Services Card by this date.

5. Date of Birth

6. Magnetic Stripe
Used by card readers, it contains the same information that appears on the card.

7. Not a Driver’s Licence
This card is not to be used or accepted as a driver’s licence.

8. Personal Health Number
A unique number assigned by the Ministry of Health to eligible beneficiaries.

9. Barcode
Used by scanners, it contains the same information that appears on the card.

10. Card Serial Number

Every BC Services Card has a chip embedded in it. Learn more about chip technology.