British Columbia Strategies

B.C. government strategies to achieve key missions.

B.C. Aviation Strategy

Identifying actions to maximize the economic potential of the aviation sector in British Columbia.

Learn about Aviation in B.C.(PDF, 6.6 MB)

Broadband B.C.

Network BC builds partnerships to improve high-speed Internet connectivity in British Columbia. 

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Blueprint Builder

Your personal career in three steps. Explore careers, view educational resources and find a job that’s right for you.

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#BCTech Strategy

B.C.’s technology sector supports process innovations, new product development and new business models in the priority sectors identified in the BC Jobs Plan, helping B.C. companies in these sectors build on their competitive advantages and facilitating entry into new markets. This, in turn, supports the creation of high-paying jobs across the province that give families economic stability and build vibrant communities for future generations.

Creative Economy

A commitment to recognize the arts and culture sector in B.C. 

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Pacific Gateway

B.C. is Canada’s Pacific Gateway, the preferred gateway for Asian trade to North America and the world. Transportation is a key support for economic growth and development. That’s why it is singled out for special focus in the BC Jobs Plan. More than any other sector, it serves the dual purpose of generating direct employment and underpinning job creation, development and progress throughout B.C.

Learn more about B.C.'s Pacific Gateway.

Poverty Reduction Strategy

A strategy that reflects the ideas and thoughts of British Columbian's we invite you to share your ideas on how to help reduce poverty in our province.

The B.C. Government is developing B.C.'s first Poverty Reduction Strategy and you can help.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships delivers leadership in managing the Province’s multi-billion dollar portfolio of strategic vendor contracts. By helping align and optimize the outcomes delivered by these contracts, this office helps B.C.'s public sector meet citizens’ service delivery expectations.

Have a look at how better deals with higher value are being made.

Tourism: Gaining the Edge 2015 - 2018

Around the globe, tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors. This growth means tourism is also one of the most competitive industries. The province's tourism strategy will ensure British Columbia can compete and is poised for continued growth.

Find out more about this three year commitment to B.C.'s tourism prosperity.