British Columbia Initiatives

B.C. government initiatives outline how the government will achieve important citizen outcomes.

Building a Better B.C. for People with Disabilities

The BC government is committed to building a better B.C. for people with disabilities. We work with the disability and business communities to make BC a truly inclusive province by 2024.

Learn more about how we’re building a better B.C. for people with disabilities.

British Columbia Air Access Program

The British Columbia Air Access Program (BCAAP) provides capital funding to assist B.C. airports with improvements to their infrastructure. Through this cost-sharing program, airports can invest in safety and infrastructure enhancements that help strengthen local, regional and provincial economies.

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Building better ways for government and software developer's to work together.

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LeanBC will help develop a culture of continuous improvement in the the B.C. public service. 

Justice Reform Initiatives 

The B.C. government is modernizing and transforming justice services in a way that meets the needs of British Columbians. In particular, it is aiming to create a transparent justice system capable of delivering timely, well-balanced services.

Learn more about how justice services are being transformed.

Open Government

The B.C. Government is changing how it interacts with B.C. citizens. We are committed to publishing government data and information and we are working hard to improve your online interactions with government.

Learn about open info and browse government information.

Regulatory Reform

The Regulatory Reform Initiative promotes clear, simple regulations and policy to make it easier for you to deal with government.

Learn more about how government is simplifying regulations and policy.

Red Tape Reduction

Red tape reduction streamlines and simplifies processes to make it easier and faster to deal with government. For citizens it means fast, easy access to services - saving you time.  For businesses, it means simplified processes - saving you time and money that can be reinvested in your business.

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Standing Against Violence

Standing Against Violence is a report by Parliamentary Secretary for Corrections, Laurie Thrones. It makes 20 recommendations to improve staff and inmate safety in B.C.'s corrections system.

Read 20 recommendations on improving staff and inmate safety.

Violence Free B.C. Initiative

This strategy establishes a vision for collective action and sets a direction for change in pursuing shared goals of preventing violence before it starts, responding effectively when it happens, and helping to rebuild from its impacts.

Learn more about a violence free B.C.