Emerging Economy Task Force

British Columbia’s economy is influenced by changing global trends, emerging technological advancements, changing business processes, climate change, and a variety of other factors.

In order to better understand how these dynamics will shape the future of B.C.’s economy, the B.C. Government has established the Emerging Economy Task Force (EETF). 

The EETF will examine the current state of B.C.’s economy with a view to providing analysis and advice on emerging trends, including transformative technologies and innovations that will change the nature of business and society over the next 5, 10 to 25 years. The EETF will explore and propose options for innovative and cutting-edge government policies in response to these changes, to ensure B.C. stays at the forefront of emerging economic developments.

The EETF is composed of 14 members, appointed for their expertise, experience, and demonstrated ability to contribute to the discussion and delivery of the mandate. 

The Task Force will undertake its engagement, assessment and advisory work starting in the summer of 2018, subsequently reporting its recommendations to government in fall 2019.

Why is the Emerging Economy Task Force needed?

Government’s vision is for the province to have a thriving economy, one where every British Columbian has the potential and opportunity to participate and benefit in sustainable and shared prosperity. Government is committed to putting in place programs and policies that make life better for all British Columbians, and respond effectively to our changing world.

The work of the EETF will be informed and align with other government initiatives, including the Small Business Task Force, Mining Jobs Task Force, and the Climate Solutions and Clean Growth Advisory Council.

Understanding our emerging economy will enable B.C. to maintain its strong economic position – both to embrace opportunities and prepare for challenges.

If you have feedback or a question for the EETF, you can send it to EmergingEconomyTaskForce@gov.bc.ca

Current Members

Kathy Kinloch (Chair)

President, B.C. Institute of Technology

Kevin Campbell

Managing Director, Investment Banking, Haywood Securities

Peter Elkins

Associate Faculty, School of Business, Royal Roads University

Jock Finlayson

Executive Vice-President and Chief Policy Officer, BC Business Council

Raghwa Gopal

CEO, Innovate BC


Carol Anne Hilton

CEO and Founder of The Indigenomics Institute

Iglika Ivanova

Senior Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Daniel Pauly

Professor, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, University of B.C.

Coro Strandberg

Principal, Strandberg Consulting

Corinne Stavness

Senior Director, Corporate Affairs, Canfor


Eric Termuende

Co-founder, NoW Innovations Canada

Jill Tipping

President and CEO, BC Tech Association

Eric Werker

Professor, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University

Alan Winter (ex-officio member)

B.C. Innovation Commissioner