TogetherBC, British Columbia’s first-ever poverty reduction strategy

Last updated on June 18, 2024

TogetherBC (PDF, 881KB), British Columbia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy, sets a path to reduce overall poverty in B.C. by 25% and child poverty by 50% by 2024.

With investments from across Government, TogetherBC reflects government’s commitment to reduce poverty and make life more affordable for British Columbians. It includes policy initiatives and investments designed to lift people up, break the cycle of poverty and build a better B.C. for everyone.

Built on the principles of Affordability, Opportunity, Reconciliation, and Social Inclusion, TogetherBC focuses on six priority action areas:

  • More affordable housing for more people
  • Supporting families, children and youth
  • Expanding access to education and training
  • More opportunities, more jobs
  • Improving income supports
  • Investing in social inclusion


Targets, timelines, and accountability for TogetherBC are laid out in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Act.  

  • Targets: Legislated targets are to reduce the overall poverty rate by at least 25% and child poverty by 50% by 2024.
  • Progress: Government will prepare annual progress reports by October 1 each year that describes the actions taken and progress made.
  • Accountability: An independent Advisory Committee has been appointed to advise the Minister, with representation from around the province. It includes advocates, experts, Indigenous peoples, and people with lived experience. The committee will include a letter in each annual report, outlining their views on progress made and progress required.
B.C.’s poverty reduction strategy
TogetherBC cover

Lifting tens of thousands of people out of poverty.

2022 Annual Report
2022 annual report cover

Actions taken and progress to reduce poverty in B.C.

Read the 2022 report (PDF, 1MB)

What We Heard About Poverty in B.C.
What We Heard About Poverty in B.C. report cover

In 2023, we heard from over 10,000 people across the province, over 70% with lived experience of poverty:

Read the What We Heard Report (PDF, 12.5MB)

We undertook a separate, distinctions-based engagement to hear from Indigenous people:

Read the Indigenous Engagement report (PDF, 7.2MB)


Period Poverty Task Force Final Report
Cover of the BC Period Poverty Task Force Final Report and Recommendations, submitted March 2024

Stigma and high costs have made it difficult for people living in British Columbia to access menstrual supplies. This report includes short- to long-term strategies to address this pressing issue.

Read the BC Period Poverty Task Force Final Report (PDF, 1.2MB)