Youth Transitions

Historic help for youth from care will support strong transitions to adulthood

Young people in government care will have access to new and increased supports until the age of 27.

Budget 2022 investments will better support them as they transition to adulthood. Read more.


Youth transitions engagement 

The Ministry of Children and Family Development is working to improve supports for young adults transitioning from government care to independence.   

NEW: No limit earnings exemption 

Effective immediately, a young adult’s income from employment, including self-employment opportunities and wage replacement programs, such as EI and WCB, will be exempt when determining the level of funding they will receive through AYA.


Upcoming Supports and Services 

This year, MCFD will also introduce a rent supplement and will be bringing on transition workers.

In 2023, MCFD will introduce funding for life-skills, cultural, and skills training programs, and enhanced dental and medical benefits, including counselling.

In 2024, MCFD will be expanding program eligibility, introducing an unconditional income supplement, and increasing the duration of support.   

Learn more about upcoming youth transitions supports and services in this infographic.


Agreements with Young Adults program 

If you’ve been in foster care or had a Youth Agreement, you may qualify for the Agreements with a Young Adult (AYA) program. Learn more about the AYA program. 

AgedOut is for young adults who were in government care in B.C. It's an up-to-date warehouse of information on resources and services available to young adults, and a learning tool to help you feel empowered as you leave care. 



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