Vital Statistics

The Vital Statistics Agency registers all births, marriages, deaths, and changes of name that occur in British Columbia.

The certificates issued by the Vital Statistics Agency are legal proof of these vital events.

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Seniors may be particularly interested in the following Vital Statistics Agency services.

Wills Registry

The Vital Statistics Wills Registry service gives B.C. residents a place to post a wills notice. A wills notice identifies that a will has been registered and describes the person who has made the will, where the will is located, and the date of the will.

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Death Registration and Certificates

If a person dies in British Columbia, the death must be registered with the Vital Statistics Agency, which issues death certificates upon request. Understanding and preparing for this process is a part of advance care planning. Vital Statistics also provides a funeral home database to assist with the planning process.

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What to Do When Someone Dies

The death of a loved one is a difficult part of life. Family members and those close to the deceased are often left to handle various administrative tasks. Service BC provides this checklist as a tool to assist with identifying key federal departments and provincial ministries to notify of a death to terminate benefits and services or to initiate benefits for survivors.