Last updated on August 20, 2018

B.C. PharmaCare helps eligible B.C. residents with the cost of some prescription drugs and medical supplies.

Once you are eligible for PharmaCare coverage, any portion of your prescription cost payable by PharmaCare is calculated automatically at the time of purchase.

You pay the pharmacy only for the costs not covered by PharmaCare.

For information about PharmaCare plans and coverage policies such as who qualifies and what prescriptions are covered, see the Ministry of Health's website section on:

Fair PharmaCare

Fair PharmaCare is the largest PharmaCare plan. It is income-based and provides assistance to those who need it most, based on their net income (as reported on their tax return).

For more information and to register, visit:

For information specific to seniors and soon-to-be seniors, visit:

To see how much assistance you might be able to receive, use the:

Other PharmaCare Plans

Residents in Residential Care Facilities (Plan B)

If you live in a licensed residential care facility in B.C., PharmaCare will cover the full cost of eligible prescription drugs and designated medical supplies. For more information, see:

Recipients of B.C. Income Assistance (Plan C)

This plan provides 100% coverage of eligible prescription costs for B.C. residents receiving medical benefits and income assistance through the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation. To learn more, contact your local Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation office.

No-Charge Psychiatric Medication Plan (Plan G)

The No-Charge Psychiatric Medication Plan provides 100% coverage of the cost of certain psychiatric medications for individuals who are registered with a mental health services centre and who demonstrate clinical and financial need. To learn more, see:

BC Palliative Care Benefits Program (Plan P)

The BC Palliative Care Benefits Program supports BC residents of any age who have reached the end stage of a life-threatening disease or illness and who wish to receive palliative care at home. For more information, see: