Medical Services Plan (MSP)

British Columbia's Medical Services Plan is a health insurance plan that pays for medically required services of physicians and surgeons and for dental or oral surgery when medically required to be performed in a hospital.

Residents of British Columbia are eligible and are required to enrol themselves and their dependents with MSP.

B.C. residents must pay premiums (fees) for MSP coverage. These premiums are based on family size and income.

For a full overview of MSP and the programs and services it covers:

Do you qualify for MSP? Want to know how to enrol, change your coverage, or cancel your MSP?

How much will your MSP cost?

  • See MSP Premiums to find your monthly premium rate.

For a list of MSP forms, see:

Assistance for People with Low Incomes

MSP Premium Assistance

If you have a low income, or are facing temporary financial hardship, you may be eligible for premium assistance to reduce or eliminate your monthly MSP premiums for a certain period.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for regular or temporary premium assistance.

If you are eligible for premium assistance, MSP also provides full or partial coverage for supplementary health care benefits such as acupuncture and therapeutic massage.

To find out if you are eligible for premium assistance:

  • See the Premiums page of the MSP website.

Or call 1-800-207-2051. (In Victoria, call: 250-356-8285).

Medical Services Only (MSO)

If you stopped receiving B.C. income assistance or disability assistance at age 65, and you now receive federal income support, you may be eligible for the Medical Services Only (MSO) program.

MSO provides time-limited health benefits, such as:

     • free MSP coverage,
     • PharmaCare coverage with no deductible,
     • basic dental and optical, and
     • other approved medical supports.

To learn more, go to: