BC Services Card and CareCards

Last updated on April 2, 2019

Each B.C. resident enrolled with the Medical Services Plan receives a BC Services Card with a unique personal health number. Those enrolled prior to February 2013 will have received a CareCard and those enrolled after February 2013 will receive a BC Services Card. You should carry your BC Services Card or CareCard at all times, and present it whenever you need health care services.

In addition to displaying your personal health number and being proof of enrolment in MSP, BC Services Cards and CareCards can be used as proof of age for certain discounts.

For more information about obtaining, using, or replacing BC Services Cards or CareCards, see the Ministry of Health's webpage:

Alternative Identification

BC Services Card

Starting February 15, 2013, B.C. residents can replace their CareCard with the new BC Services Card. This card:

• Can be combined with your driver's licence.
• Will replace your CareCard.
• Will allow you to access services that need a photo ID.

For more information about access to services and to apply, see:

Related Information

Residents of British Columbia are eligible and are required to enrol themselves and their dependents with the:

Travel Discounts

Present your BC Services Card or CareCard for travel discounts on: