Active Aging

Last updated on November 27, 2017

The evidence is clear. Older adults can live longer, healthier lives by staying socially connected, increasing their levels of physical activity, eating in a healthy way, taking steps to minimize their risks for falls, and refraining from smoking.

     - from Healthy Aging in Canada: A New Vision, A Vital Investment

Active aging is about more than physical activity. Active aging also means being involved in your community and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Staying active as you age can help you be healthier, happier, and more independent.

What You Can Do

The decisions we make every day affect how we age.

Only about 30 per cent of the way you age can be explained by biology and genetics. You can do many things to avoid illness, disability, and loss of independence as you grow older. The following pages can help you make lifestyle choices for a longer, healthier life, and reduce your risk of chronic disease and disability.

Why B.C. Supports Active Aging

Population aging is one of humanity's greatest triumphs. It is also one of our greatest challenges.

      - World Health Organization

Populations around the world are getting older. By 2031, almost one in four people in B.C. (that’s more than 1.3 million people) will be over the age of 65.

B.C. communities need to change and adapt in a way that supports our aging population. Active, healthy aging helps reduce the pressure on health care and social services.

Seniors make important contributions to their families, their communities, the economy, and the province. Older people who stay healthy, active and independent can continue to contribute their skills, knowledge, and experience to society.

Active Aging Research and Policies

If you are interested in the research and policy behind active aging initiatives in B.C. and around the world, you may want to read the following resources.

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