Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteers have the satisfaction of helping others while enjoying the benefits of staying active and connected to their communities. Seniors who volunteer report better overall physical and emotional health and well-being than non-volunteers. Other benefits include feeling valued and empowered, meeting new people, opportunities for creativity and personal growth, and having fun.

Volunteering is a great way to contribute to your community and help others while sharing the talents and wisdom that you have gained throughout your life.

Volunteering and Retirement

Volunteering can be an important part of a healthy, active retired life. If you’re planning for retirement, consider how you’ll spend your time. Many people retire and find they don’t have enough to do. Volunteer work can make the transition from formal employment to retirement easier, consider:

How do I get started?

Think about how much time you have to volunteer and the kinds of things you enjoy doing. Then contact your local volunteer centre or other community organization to find out about volunteer opportunities that meet your needs.

Volunteer Organizations

Volunteer Grandparents

The Volunteer Grandparents' mission is to bridge and enrich the generations by fostering intergenerational understanding, communication and cooperation between the generations. A number of different programs match volunteer seniors with members of younger generations.

Go Volunteer

Go Volunteer provides a place for B.C. not-for-profit organizations to post volunteer positions and for B.C. volunteers to find the right role.

Volunteer Canada

If you are interested in some of the research behind a growing trend in volunteering and older adults, Volunteer Canada has literature and research documents.