Lifelong Learning and Creativity

Many people find their passion later in life when they are free of work and other obligations and have the time to explore their innate abilities, talent and creativity. Being creative has been linked to improved mental and physical health. In fact, some experts claim that creative self expression is key to staying healthy, engaged and vibrant, as well as spiritually and emotionally balanced.

Lifelong learning is also an important part of healthy aging. It keeps your mind active and your brain engaged. Older adults report experiencing increased life satisfaction, enjoyment and self-confidence through learning.

Learning new skills, ways of thinking and expressing yourself can be both challenging and fun. By attending a workshop or taking a class, you will build on skills you already have, share ideas, discover your talent, enhance your mental alertness and improve your memory. 

Lifelong Learning Resources

Contact your local community centre, high school, seniors’ centre, parks and recreation program, art gallery, or public library to find out about programs and classes offered in your community. Continuing education classes are also offered at most community colleges, trade or technical schools, or public universities. Some universities offer programming specifically designed for older adults. There are also many online distance learning options available.

Lifelong Learning Resources: