Move for Life DVD

Move for Life is a DVD featuring seniors of all ages and abilities demonstrating physical activities. It includes activities for viewers with limited mobility so they can stretch and move safely. It encourages older adults to add more physical activities to their daily routine in a fun and inspiring way while explaining the benefits of doing so. Watch the Introduction to the Move for Life DVD below.


Move for Life DVD - Introduction


You can borrow a copy of the Move for Life DVD from your local library. Find a library near you using the Find Your Public Library map.


Move for Life Exercises

The Move for Life DVD is a fun and safe way to help you keep physically active wherever you are.

Energy Bursts

Energy bursts are designed to get you moving and feeling great. There are six energy bursts which can be used in a group setting or as a warm up for other activities.
When you feel like you need a burst of energy, try one of these two-minute exercises:

Energy Burst 1

Energy Burst 2

Energy Burst 3

Energy Burst 4

Energy Burst 5

Energy Burst 6


There are three levels of walkabouts, each increasing in difficulty. The first walkabout will take approximately 30 minutes, the second 40 minutes, and the third walkabout will take about one hour.

Each walkabout takes you through a warm-up, cardiovascular section, cool-down strength, and stretch section.

Go for a walkabout and try these activities anywhere - at home, out in your neighbourhood, in a park or while travelling. Watch scenes from Walkabout 1 below.

Walkabout 1

For a full list of walkabout exercises, see:


If you’re not active or have a medical condition, consult with your doctor to make sure the type of activity and how hard you are working are right for you.

See your doctor regularly to monitor medical conditions and any increase in your activity level.