Social Connections

Social connections – including intergenerational connections – are an important part of healthy, active aging. People with strong social networks are more active, feel happier, and are more supported. Staying in touch with neighbours, friends, and family can help keep your social network strong.

People without strong social networks may become isolated. Social isolation can lead to reduced mental and physical health, as well as depression. When older people participate in their communities, everyone benefits. 

The more you do, the more new people you’ll meet. Joining a club, taking a class, and volunteering your time are all good ways to stay socially connected. Older people who are socially connected and participate in their communities are more likely to eat well, engage in physical activity, and feel good about themselves.

Staying Socially Connected

To find out about activities and opportunities to connect with people in your community or neighbourhood, contact organizations like:

Seniors' Organizations, Activities, and Events

55+ BC Games

The 55+ BC Games, formerly the BC Seniors Games, give those aged 55+ the chance to compete in events ranging from dragon-boating and ice hockey to cribbage and one-act plays. The games also provide opportunities for volunteers of all ages.

B.C. Elders Communication Center Society

The first objective of the B.C. Elders Communication Center Society is to ensure that B.C.'s First Nations Elders all know that they are valued, that their legacy will be preserved, and that their feelings and culture matter.

Annual Elders Gathering

The gathering links elders throughout the province, binding them together as a nation. It allows elders to intermingle with like-minded, like-aged individuals and their families and to reveal common grounds that strengthen those links.

GLBT/Queer Adults

Find Vancouver-based information and activities for older GBLT/Queer adults at:

Or call the Prideline, toll-free across B.C. at 1 800 566-1170, or call 604 684-1170 in the Lower Mainland, from 7:00 pm–10:00 pm, Monday–Friday

Funding and Recognition Programs for Seniors