Intergenerational Connections

Last updated on November 27, 2017

Intergenerational connections can help both older and younger people feel cared for and valued. Research shows that intergenerational programs increase self-esteem and feelings of well-being for older and younger participants. Friendships between older and younger people help make communities stronger.

Bringing older and younger people together is also an important way to support understanding and respect between generations. When younger people learn to value older adults, elder abuse and neglect become more and more unacceptable to them.

The Province of British Columbia has proclaimed June 1, 2016 as Intergenerational Day Canada.

Intergenerational Connections Resources

Creating Caring Communities

Are you interested in creating learning opportunities that promote intergenerational connections in your community? The Creating Caring Communities toolkit is a guide to establishing intergenerational programs in schools, care facilities, and community groups.

It contains practical information and resources to support educators, care providers and community agencies in coordinating successful intergenerational (IG) programs that promote learning, understanding, and mutual respect between generations.

Intergenerational Society of Canada

This organization promotes intergenerational connections across the country and provides teachers, health care professionals, and community-minded people with tools for making connections happen.

Volunteer Grandparents

The Volunteer Grandparents' mission is to bridge and enrich the generations by fostering intergenerational understanding, communication and cooperation between the generations. A number of different programs match volunteer seniors with members of younger generations.

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