Environmental Information Resources System for Biodiversity (EIRS BDP)

Last updated on January 4, 2024

Use this database to find a range of environmental and natural resource information, including publications on British Columbia's species and their habitats. Search for documents by keyword, title, author, etc.

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EIRS BDP allows you to:

  • Find and download full-text documents (and link to suppliers for printed publications)
  • Link permanently to its documents
  • Print or export lists of documents, including:
    • brochures, fact sheets, status reports and recovery plans for species and ecosystems at risk
    • brochures on the ecology and conservation of mammals in B.C.
    • watershed restoration publications
    • fisheries management reports and technical circulars
    • safety guides
    • a variety of other technical and non-technical documents

About EIRS Version 1.0

EIRS (Environmental Information Resources System for Biodiversity) is a document and file management system that allows users access to environmental information in various formats. The reports and publications contained in the e-library system are produced by or for the Province of British Columbia (solely or in partnership). Associated files are included whenever possible (e.g., images, maps).

The Publications

Report subjects that can be found in EIRS include (but are not limited to) species and ecosystems, water quality and water quantity, reservoirs, floodplain mapping, groundwater, fish and fish habitat, wildlife and wildlife habitat, terrestrial information, soils, and vegetation. 

Whenever possible, reports are provided in PDF format so that they remain unaltered. Reports and publications with large file sizes have been broken into smaller files and will have an introductory page listing the components.

All files and documents are copyright protected.

B.C.'s Biodiversity

B.C. is Canada’s most biologically diverse province or territory. Our more than 95 million hectares contain a rich variety of habitats.

Some of these ecosystems, such as boreal forest, occur elsewhere. But others are unique. B.C.’s abundance of wildlife species is due to its ecological variety.