Get help from the Workers' Advisers Office

The Workers' Advisers Office provides workers, their dependents and other stakeholders with independent advice, assistance, representation, training and mentoring with respect to workers compensation issues.

There are three areas we can help you:

Click on the option that most closely resembles your inquiry:

  • I have a WorkSafeBC claim
  • I have an 8-digit claim number
  • I am a dependent of a deceased worker
  • I am a union representative

Start a compensation inquiry

  • My employer or union took some action or failed to take some action when I raised an issue of workplace safety
  • I have a complaint number (e.g., 2022D1234) 
  • I do not have a complaint number, but I need advice before I file a prohibited action complaint

Start a prohibited action inquiry


I received an occupational health and safety report from WorkSafeBC and I disagree with its conclusions

  • I received a WorkSafeBC occupational health and safety inspection report or order and wish to appeal its findings
  • I reported an occupational health and safety issue and WorkSafeBC failed to issue an order

Start an occupational health and safety inquiry