Information and Services for Workers and Their Dependants

Last updated on March 25, 2024

The Workers Compensation Act of British Columbia gives workers rights to compensation if they are injured on the job. The Workers' Advisers Office is committed to helping injured workers understand what their rights are, and to assisting those who are having problems in getting the benefits they are entitled to.

The Workers' Advisers do not work for WorkSafeBC, and our services are free.

Need Help? A Worker Adviser can:

  • Provide you with advice or assistance on a potential appeal
  • Help you with a Review at the Review Division or an Appeal at the Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal regarding a WorkSafeBC decision
  • In some cases, represent you during a review or an appeal

Start a new inquiry with us if:

  • WorkSafeBC refused or failed to provide you with a decision on an issue of entitlement under the Workers Compensation Act
  • You received a decision from WorkSafeBC about an injury claim for compensation but disagree with the decision
  • Your employment or membership in a union was terminated from raising a health and safety concern and you are thinking of filing a Prohibited Action Complaint with Worksafe BC
  • WorkSafeBC declined to accept your complaint, form 57W1, for Prohibited Action under sections 47 and 48 of the Workers Compensation Act
  • You need advice on a prevention matter involving an administrative penalty against an employer, an order issued against you as a worker, or, an inspection report

Do I need a lawyer for a review?

No, you do not need a lawyer, but if you would like one, contact the Lawyer Referral Services at 604 687-3221 or 1 800 663-1919.

Whether you win or lose your review case, WorkSafeBC policy is to not pay legal fees.


Need Help?

What to expect?

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Logon to your WAO Portal

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