Union Representative

The WAO provides workers, their dependants and other stakeholders with independent advice, assistance, representation, training and mentoring with respect to workers' compensation issues.

Need Help? A Worker Adviser can:

  • Help you understand the Workers Compensation Act and WorkSafeBC's policies and procedures
  • Provide you with information regarding your injured worker's claim
  • Provide training and mentoring to improve understanding of the workers’ compensation system and promote a culture of meritorious representation of issues
  • Help you with a Request for Review at the Review Division or an Appeal at the Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal regarding a WorkSafeBC decision

Start a new inquiry with us if:

  • You would like advice or assistance on a potential appeal for one of your injured workers
  • WorkSafeBC refused or failed to provide your injured worker with a decision on an issue of entitlement under the Workers Compensation Act
  • Your injured worker received a decision from WorkSafeBC about an injury claim for compensation but disagree with the decision
  • Your injured worker's employment or membership in a union was terminated from raising a health and safety concern and you are thinking of filing a Prohibited Action Complaint with Worksafe BC
  • WorkSafeBC declined to accept your injured worker's complaint, form 57W1, for Prohibited Action under sections 47 and 48 of the Workers Compensation Act
  • You need advice on a prevention matter involving an administrative penalty against an employer, an order issued against your injured worker, or, an inspection report

Workers’ Compensation Advocacy Training

We offer workers’ compensation advocacy training to improve understanding of the workers’ compensation system and promote a culture of meritorious representation of issues.  These sessions are held for labour representatives and others who represent injured workers with their WorkSafeBC claims. 

For a list of courses, to register, or to request a on-site custom course please see our Workers' Compensation Advocacy Training page.

Compensation Clinics

Once a month, we host a Compensation Clinics intended to enhance participants’ working knowledge about workers' compensation, prohibited action complaints, occupational health and safety complaints, and strategies and alternatives to appeals. 

Clinics are scheduled from September through June on the third Tuesday of every month. For more information or to register see our Compensation Clinics page.