Find Support Organizations and Community Partners

Learn about organizations that can help you promote partnerships within your community. Find out more about services available to either build upon your community’s economic capacity or recover after a major economic downturn.

Regional Economic Support

Regional economic development trusts and Crown corporations were established through legislation to serve their respective regional areas. Each has developed its own distinct business model for distributing funds to meet community needs.

Rural Economic Development

The B.C. government is committed to working with our rural communities to strengthen their resilience, create jobs and build unmatched economic opportunities while enriching the unique lifestyle advantages that rural B.C. has to offer.

Community Transition Services

Specialized community transition services are available for resource based communities experiencing significant job loss impacts - such as a result of the closure or downsizing of the community's primary employer or industry.

Economic Development Organizations

There are several regional organizations dedicated to the economic development of B.C.