Community Transition Services

Community Transition teams provide tailored community transition services to rural communities experiencing significant economic impacts, often due to the closure or reduced operations of a major employer.

Community Transition teams offer a tailored response to meet specific community needs and work closely with:

  • Local governments
  • Provincial ministries
  • Federal government
  • Indigenous governments and organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Private sector organizations

The provincial government and partner organizations help with transition responses such as coordination, facilitation, and implementation services to communities, using a wide variety of resources. 

Community Transition Three Main Supports

Worker Transition Supports

Worker transition supports offer accessible and responsive information sharing services and programs to impacted workers.  

They coordinate with employers, union and other partners to provide:  

  • Needs assessments
  • Skills Training
  • Education Supports
  • Employment Services 

Learn more about these supports by visiting the Worker Transition webpage.  

Economic Development Supports

Regional Economic Operations helps impacted communities develop and/or implement economic development and diversification plans. They provide advice and guidance to local governments throughout the community transition process.

Learn more about these supports by visiting the Economic Development and Diversification webpage.  

Community and Local Government Supports

Regional Economic Operations (REO) supports local governments and organizations with information sharing to help impacted workers, their families, and the community. REO staff connect identified needs with available resources to help manage the stress and uncertainty associated with employment loss and economic transition.

For further information on how community and local government supports can assist your community or organization, visit the Community and Local Government Supports webpage.