Plan and Measure Your Economic Development Efforts

Learn the basics of economic development, and find out more on how to develop a strategic plan and measure the impact of your economic development activities. 

Use the following information and resources to find out how you can create a solid foundation for economic growth in your community. 

Review Local Economic Development Surveys

Find past survey results to learn how economic development is delivered and funded in your community, see what other community priorities, assets, and challenges are, check out who’s partnering with who, and discover useful data that will help you understand and plan for the future.

Economic Development 101

Whether your community is large or small, urban or rural, the information you'll find here helps you get started on your long-term economic development plan.

Strategic Planning

In the journey of economic development, a roadmap is critical to ensure your community is headed in the right direction to meet your goals. An economic development strategic plan is a carefully built framework that helps you define your community’s economic vision, attract investment and be responsive to funding opportunities.

Performance Measurement 

As economic development practitioners, you are increasingly asked to demonstrate the value of your economic development activities. A performance measurement plan allows you to measure your successes and ensure that your efforts remain on time and budget.

BC Economic Atlas

An analysis of economic development data and activity across B.C. is important when developing and implementing an effective economic development plan. It helps you understand local economic conditions, trends and resources that could affect your community’s development potential.