Research Economic Activity

Learn about major projects going on throughout the province. Research natural resource and economic data using the BC Economic Atlas. Find B.C. economic development surveys results.

BC Major Projects Inventory

The BC Major Projects Inventory (MPI) provides summary information on major projects in B.C. that are over $15 million (Cdn.) capital cost, or $20 million in the Lower Mainland–Vancouver area.

BC Economic Atlas

The BC Economic Atlas is a user friendly, publicly available web-based mapping application. It is a hub for business and investment information. The BC Economic Atlas gives you a picture of what’s happening with B.C.’s economy. Having easily accessible and integrated data allows you to access critical information quickly at no cost.

Review Local Economic Development Surveys

Find past survey results to learn how economic development is delivered and funded in your community. See what other community priorities, assets, and challenges are. Check out who’s partnering with who and discover useful data that will help you understand and plan for the future.

BC Stats

BC Stats is the provincial government's leader in statistical and economic research, information and analysis.