Economic Development Webinar Series

The Economic Development Division has been offering educational Webinars since 2009.

With over 70 delivered to date, we strive to support strong local economies and encourage communities to take advantage of the tools, programs and resources available to them within the Economy Sector.

Our Webinars provide expert advice on economic development topics in an affordable, accessible and environmentally sustainable way, delivering:

  • Utility: Our Webinars focus on demonstrating how businesses, communities and local leaders can take direct action from the content provided to enhance their economic environment.
  • Wise Practices: Our Webinars provide an interactive platform to learn from industry, community, and government program experts. Previously recorded Webinars are also made available online as a lasting resource.
  • Variety: Our Webinar topics range from Attracting International Students to your Community to Ideas for Engaging Neighbourhoods on Affordable Housing; with ongoing efforts to continually explore new topics of interest.

Recorded Webinars

BC Ideas Exchange Showcase: Workforce Development Stories

When local residents know they can stay in their communities and get the training and opportunities they need to have robust careers, it spells success for economic development.  Watch to learn more about stories of workforce development initiatives around the province.

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Originally broadcast on June 28, 2018

TechDev101: Innovation Ecosystem Canvas

This session introduces the Innovation Ecosystem Canvas and its five main components for building and supporting innovative workers and businesses in your community.

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Originally broadcast on June 19, 2018

Economic Reconciliation: Charting the Pathway

What is “Economic Reconciliation” and how do we chart a pathway towards it without reinforcing broken patterns of economic colonization and control? 

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Originally broadcast on June 7, 2018

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