BC Ideas Exchange Webinar Series

Our webinars offer a peer-to-peer space to share knowledge, opportunities, successful practices, tools and resources for local economic development in B.C.

What to Expect

BC Ideas Exchange webinars are an interactive place to share economic development knowledge, successful practices, tools and resources. The webinars are hosted through GoToWebinar and include a live presentation and an opportunity for people to ask questions.

Our Speakers

We partner with speakers from a variety of economic development backgrounds to share:

  • Successful economic development stories happening in B.C.
  • New programs and initiatives supporting economic development in B.C.
  • Economic development trends in B.C.
  • The latest economic development tools and resources

The views, thoughts and opinions expressed on BC Ideas Exchange Webinars are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Province of BC.

Our Audience

The BC Ideas Exchange webinars are designed for:

  • Local government staff and elected officials
  • First Nations leaders, councils and elders
  • Economic development organization leadership and staff
  • Provincial government staff
  • Anyone interested in helping to realize their community's economic development potential

Browse Webinars by Topic:

Communities in B.C. are growing their skills and knowledge by using tools and resources to reach their goals. This section shares stories and resources to help communities create plans and develop strategies, measure results, collaborate, access funding and more.

Watch Ride-Hailing: What Can Local Governments Expect? | Oct 10, 2019

Watch How Can Free Trade Agreements Benefit Your Community? | Oct 3, 2019

Watch Rural Dividend 6th Intake Info Session: Application Tips and FAQ's | Jul 15, 2019

Watch 2018 Local Economic Development Survey - Explaining the Survey Findings | Jun 17, 2019

Watch Rural Dividend Info Session: 6th Intake Overview & Updates | Jun 19, 2019

Watch Community Gaming Grants: 2019 Capital Project Grants Info Session | Apr 25, 2019

Watch Regulation and Opportunity in the Recreational Cannabis Industry | Feb 5, 2019

Watch Strategic Planning for Economic Development | Dec 4, 2018

Watch Rural Dividend Program: 2018 Intake Info Session | July 17, 2018

Watch Economic Reconciliation: Charting the Pathway | June 7, 2018

Watch Crowdfunding for Economic Development | May 3, 2018

Watch BC Economic Atlas: New features and functionality | Nov 2, 2017

Watch Economic Development 101 | Mar 30, 2017

Watch Indigenous & Local Government Collaboration on Economic Development: A Dialogue of Understanding | Mar 23, 2017

Watch Economic Development Disaster Planning and Recovery | Mar 21, 2017

Watch Smart Economic Development with the Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement Toolkits | Mar 16, 2017

Watch Economic Development 101 | Mar 9, 2017

Watch Smart Economic Development with the Strategic Planning Toolkit | Mar 2, 2017

Watch the BC Rural Dividend Fund: Q&A II | Sept 15, 2016

Watch the BC Rural Dividend Fund: Q&A | May 17, 2016

Watch Navigating Performance Measurement in Local Economic Development | May 16, 2016

Watch Back to Basics Refresher on CARIP: Carbon Neutral Reporting | Mar 3, 2016

Watch British Columbia Economic Atlas | May 28, 2015

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Community economic development is a process of improving quality of life for the whole community. This section shares stories of community projects based on the needs of all people that are building economies and creating long-term jobs.

Watch Building Resilience | Apr 4, 2019

Watch Social Enterprises | Oct 16, 2018

Watch BC Ideas Exchange Story Showcase: Great Taste, Great Opportunity | Mar 22, 2018

Watch The Power of Buying Local | Apr 26, 2016

Watch Social Enterprise and Enterprising Non-Profits | June 11, 2015

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Land use planning can improve the economy of a community and create a clear path forward for developing community amenities. Some examples of this are building recreation centres or transportation networks. This section shares stories of land development work around B.C. and gives you tools to use in your community.

Watch creating Economic Development Opportunities with Local Government Legislation | Oct 24, 2019

Watch The More We Get Together: Innovation Spaces | Apr 12, 2018

Watch Growing BC's Tourism Sector with RV Parks and Campgrounds | Apr 5, 2018

Watch Save Money by Connecting Asset Management to Land Use | Nov 24, 2016

Watch Development Approvals Made Easy | Oct 29, 2015

Watch Ideas for Engaging Neighbourhoods on Affordable Market Housing | Nov 27, 2014

Watch Rental Renaissance: How to Support a Flourishing Rental Housing Sector in Your Community | Oct 30, 2014

Watch Growth Pressures: Housing Needs in Communities Experiencing Industrial Growth | Oct 2, 2014

Watch Finding the Right Balance: Community Amenity Contributions and Affordable Housing | June 19, 2014

Watch Secondary Suites: What Works, What Doesn't? | Jan 30, 2014

Watch Where do Housing Costs Come From: A Developer's Inside Peek | Nov 28, 2013

Where Drivers Affecting Housing Affordability | Oct 23, 2013

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Local economic development and promotion go hand in hand. Investment attraction, tourism marketing, and resident attraction are important for a successful economy. In this section you can learn how to promote your community from others who’ve had success.

Watch What to Say to Foster Visitation: Post-Wildfire Marketing Messages and Strategies | June 6, 2019

Attract Investment and Promote your Community with BritishColumbia.ca | Nov 15, 2016

Building community through Social Media | Mar 31, 2016

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A strong local economy needs a dynamic and growing business sector. This section shares stories and resources to support businesses and entrepreneurs in your community.

Watch B.C.’s Venture Capital Tax Credit Program - Helping Small Businesses Raise Investment Capital | Aug 20, 2020

Watch Harnessing the Power of Collaboration: Support Local BC| July 23, 2020

Watch Insights on Small-Scale Licenced Cannabis Production in B.C. | Nov 7, 2019

Watch Accessing Capital in Small Communities: Debt Capital | Jun 20, 2019

Watch Accessing Capital in Small Communities: Equity Capital | Mar 21, 2019  

Watch BC Ideas Exchange Story Showcase: Working with Industry and Business | Nov 22, 2018

Watch Supporting Business Succession in Your Community | Nov 6, 2018

Watch Economic Development with Business Improvement Associations | May 31, 2018

Watch Business Retention and Expansion Basics | Mar 13, 2017

Watch Youth Entrepreneurship: Raising Business in your Community | Nov 23, 2016

Watch Working with Indigenous Businesses: Building Partnerships in Tourism | Apr 12, 2016

Watch Growing Export Markets in Agrifoods Manufacturing | June 25, 2015

Watch Resources from Small Business BC | Apr 23, 2015

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Communities around B.C. are trying different ways to help businesses meet their workforce needs. In this section, see how communities are supporting workers by creating partnerships, supporting skills development, building immigration programs, increasing job access, and more. 

Watch BC Ideas Exchange Story Showcase: Working with Industry and Business | Nov 22, 2018

Watch BC Ideas Exchange Story Showcase: Workforce Development Stories | June 28, 2018

Watch Attracting International Students to your Community | Oct 1, 2015

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