Economic Development Webinar Series

Our webinars offer a peer-to-peer space to share knowledge, opportunities, successful practices, tools and resources for local economic development in B.C.

We invite local government staff and elected officials, First Nations leaders, councils and elders, economic development practitioners, elected officials, provincial government staff, and anyone interested in realizing their community's economic development to participate. 

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Regulation and Opportunity in the Recreational Cannabis Industry

The recreational cannabis industry is expanding rapidly, and presents both challenges and opportunities for communities in B.C. that are looking for job growth while balancing land use, safety, and public health concerns. This webinar will look at how the industry is being regulated, and what types of economic development opportunities there may be for communities and First Nations.

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Originally broadcast on February 5, 2019

Strategic Planning for Economic Development

Using the Strategic Planning Toolkit as a foundation, we'll explore in-depth a handful of stages in the strategic planning process. Participants will be encouraged to think about their own economic development strategy process and share their experiences of what has worked (and what hasn't). 

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Originally broadcast: December 4, 2018

Working with Industry and Business

Targeted industry initiatives are a common ingredient in many communities’ economic development strategies. How do you encourage growing industries to do business in your community without breaking the bank on incentives?

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Originally broadcast November 22, 2018

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