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Economic Development Webinar Series

Our Webinars provide expert advice and information on economic development topics in an affordable, accessible and environmentally sustainable way. Webinar topics range from Business Retention and Expansion, to Green Energy as an Economic Development Tool, to Ideas for Engaging Neighbourhoods in Affordable Housing; with ongoing efforts to continually explore new topics of interest.

BC Ideas Exchange Story Time - Economic Development Success Stories

The best economic development practices are usually developed through community experiences, lessons learned and innovation. Communities throughout B.C., even on small budgets, are finding innovative ways to start or continue promoting economic development in their communities.

The BC Ideas Exchange is a space for communities to share success stories, give real life examples of how they've addressed economic development challenges, and to discuss lessons learned and best practices.

Explore success stories by category and connect with communities:

Stakeholder Survey Findings

Our ongoing stakeholder engagement efforts provide clarity of direction, foster ongoing communication with our stakeholders and better inform the development and delivery of present and future tools and resources in a way that is relevant and responsive to stakeholder needs.