Pill press registered seller

Registered Seller1 refers to a business that has been approved by the Pill Press Registrar to sell Controlled Equipment.

British Columbia businesses who wish to sell Controlled Equipment, either inside or outside of the Province, must apply for a Registered Seller registration by April 1, 2019.

Under the Act, “sell” includes offer for sale, expose for sale, have in possession for sell, distribute, give, transfer, lend, send, rent, or otherwise dispose of, whether for consideration (i.e. money) or whether by wholesale, retail, or private sale. If a business acts as a broker or supplier of alternative ownership arrangements (i.e. renting, leasing, lending) for Controlled Equipment, these are considered controlled activities. Businesses are encouraged to consult with the Registrar before proceeding with these types of controlled activities, by contacting PillPressLicensing@gov.bc.ca

Before applying for the Registered Seller category please ensure you meet the following criteria:

A business wanting to sell Controlled Equipment in BC must apply for a Registered Seller registration through the Pill Press Online Registry following these six steps:

  1. Authentication: Use a Business BCeID to log in.
  2. Client Dashboard: From the Dashboard, you may select a Registered Seller application or an Equipment Notification (link enabled once your registration is granted). The status of the application is tracked on the Dashboard.
  3. Business Profile Review: A first-time visitor will be invited to fill out business profile information, such as addresses and contact information. The business profile should be periodically updated as business information changes.
  4. Registered Seller Application: This application requires the following information:
    - Currently own, use or possess Controlled Equipment.
    - Purpose of Controlled Equipment including producing a product, renting or leasing or selling.
    - Type of seller - from a manufacturer of Controlled Equipment to a retailer or one-time seller.
    - Types of Controlled Equipment to be sold.
    - Any additional details about the business as it relates to selling Controlled Equipment.
    - Owners’ and managers’ contact information to request consent to criminal record checks.
  5. Criminal Record Check for Owner(s) and Manager(s): criminal record check as part of the application process. Once the application is submitted, each owner and manager listed in the application will receive an email requesting them to complete a Consent to a criminal record check form. The consent will allow the Registrar to conduct a criminal record check, a police information check, and correctional service information check (Prescribed Checks).
  6. Application Submission: Review and confirm that the information provided is complete, honest, and accurate.
    Note. Please be advised that a Registered Seller application is not considered complete until all the listed business owners and managers have individually consented to Prescribed Checks.

Businesses are advised to submit complete applications. Submitting an application which does not include required information or documentation may cause delays in the application process.

The Registrar will evaluate the Registered Seller application for suitability, taking into consideration the results of Prescribed Checks for all owners and managers listed in the application. The status of an application can be tracked at any time on the client’s Dashboard on the Pill Press Online Registry. When approval is granted by the Registrar, the business will receive an email notice and have the option to print their seller registration certificate from their Dashboard. The seller registration certificate will show a unique system-generated registration number for the business.

Equipment Notification. Upon the business coming into possession of any Controlled Equipment, they must notify the Registrar within 10 days, by following the Equipment Notification Process.

Obligations and Responsibilities of Registered Sellers

Notification of Equipment

Registered Sellers are responsible to notify the Registrar of any piece of Controlled Equipment they intend to sell by adding them to the Registered Seller’s inventory in the Pill Press Online Registry. Registered Sellers can see their inventory of Controlled Equipment on their client Dashboard.

Recording of Sales

A Registered Seller must not sell Controlled Equipment to any person or business in British Columbia other than to an owner category under the Act to ensure that the purchaser is permitted to own, use, or possess Controlled Equipment.

During a sales transaction for Controlled Equipment, the Registered Seller must:

  • Complete a Record of Sale form for each “sale” of Controlled Equipment.
  • Collect from the intended purchaser sufficient information to confirm they belong to an owner category under the Act.  This includes: the legal name of the purchaser, if the purchases is an individual their photo ID number to confirm identity; purchaser contact information, purchaser’s authorization information (i.e. drug establishment or site licence, waiver number, registration number); and, if known, the civic address where the purchaser will ordinarily store the equipment and whether storage will be in a dwelling house.
  • Collect details of the sale, including: the date on which the sale was made; description of the equipment sold (including make, model, serial number and/or equipment registry number); the seller’s registration number; and, method of payment used

Provide a copy of the completed Record of Sale form to the purchaser, as this will provide essential information for BC purchasers to complete their own Equipment Notification in respect of the acquisition of Controlled Equipment. Purchasers from outside of BC are not required to provide Equipment Notification.

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Reporting of Sales

  • When the Registered Seller sells a piece of Controlled Equipment, they must report the sale to the Registrar within 10 days through the Pill Press Online Registry. Registered Sellers are obligated to report all sales, whether the purchaser is from inside or outside of BC. If the purchaser is in BC, the Registrar will await Equipment Notification from the purchaser before transferring the piece of Controlled Equipment from the seller’s inventory to the purchaser’s inventory on the Pill Press Registry.
  • At this time, the Registered Seller is not required to provide the Registrar a copy of the completed Record of Sale form. However, the seller is obligated to keep all records related to each sale for a period of two years after acknowledgment of the sale by the Registrar, and these records may be reviewed by Inspectors.

Information to Be Given on Charge or Conviction

Registered Sellers must report if any of their owners or managers have been charged with or convicted of an offence under the Act, the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act, the Criminal Code, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Canada), or the Cannabis Act (Canada), within 10 days, by sending an email to PillPressLicensing@gov.bc.ca, and awaiting further instructions. Information to be given to Registrar include:

  • the Registered Seller’s business name
  • the Registered Seller’s registration or authorization number
  • the owner/manager’s legal name
  • the name and provision of the enactment under which the owners or managers of the Registered Seller was charged or convicted, and
  • the date on which the charge was laid or the conviction entered, as applicable

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Changes to Controlled Equipment

Registered Sellers have an ongoing obligation to notify the Registrar about the following changes to their Controlled Equipment:


Any change to the location where a piece of Controlled Equipment is ordinarily stored must be reported to the Registrar, and updated on the Registered Seller’s equipment inventory on the Pill Press Registry.

Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed:

If a piece of Controlled Equipment is lost, stolen, or destroyed, it must be reported to the Registrar, and updated on the Registered Seller’s equipment inventory on the Pill Press Online Registry.

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Adding or Removing Owner/Manager

Registered Sellers are required to report any addition or removal to their Owners or Managers.

  • In order to remove an Owner/Manager, the Registered Sellers are required to inform SPD via email to PillPressLicensing@gov.bc.ca. For verification purposes, it is important that the Registered Seller uses the same email address that is submitted in the Business Profile.The information to be given in the email include:
    • The Business - Legal Name under which the Registered Seller has applied for a Registered Seller application.
    • The Registered Seller Registration Number as it shown in the Registered Seller Certificate.
    • The full name of the Owner/Manager that is needed to be removed.

An SPD’s employee will apply the change(s) in the system and will confirm to the Registered Seller that change(s) has been completed in the system.

  • To add a new Owner/Manager, the Business is required to Re-apply for a new Registered Seller application.

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1 A Registered Seller is called “Authorized Seller” under the Act; however, the term “Registered Seller” has been  chosen for ease of reference and operational purposes.