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The Province of British Columbia introduced the Pill Press and Related Equipment Control Act to fight against the illegal production of counterfeit pills, particularly those containing opioids, and to help keep them off the streets.

The Act is a comprehensive piece of legislation that limits the ownership, possession, use, and sale of manufacturing equipment used to make tablets and capsules.

Does this Act apply to me?

If you intend to or currently own, use, possess, rent or lease, or sell controlled equipment, this Act may apply to you. Get clarity about what Controlled Equipment means, the types of authorized owner categories, and information you need to provide to the Registrar under the related Regulation. Additional information can be found under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Controlled Equipment

Controlled Equipment under the Pill Press and Related Equipment Control Act includes the following:

  • Pill Presses or Tablet Presses
  • Encapsulators or gel press machines
  • Dies, moulds or punches ordinarily used with a Pill Press, or Encapsulator machine
  • Pharmaceutical mixer or blender, except if the pharmaceutical mixer or blender is used in the course of compounding a drug by a person authorized to do so under the Health Professions Act or the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act, or by an individual  for personal use…(More on Controlled Equipment)

3 Types of Owners

Authorized Owner: At this time, only businesses authorized under an enactment of BC or Canada to manufacture a drug or natural health product, such as holders of valid drug establishment or site licences issued by Health Canada, are authorized to own Controlled Equipment under the Act...(More on Authorized Owner)

All other businesses have the option of applying for a Waiver or Seller Registration to be able to own, use, or possess Controlled Equipment.

Waiver Holder: A business  that owns, uses or possesses  Controlled Equipment but does not fall under the criteria for the Authorized Owner or Registered Seller owner categories ...(More on Waiver Holder)

Registered Seller: A person or business that sells Controlled Equipment...(More on Registered Seller)

Let's Get Started

A Pill Press Registry has been established to facilitate the registration of Controlled Equipment. Before you start, get to know the process and steps necessary to successfully register your Controlled Equipment.

1. Get your Business BCeID

The Pill Press Registry uses a Business BCeID to authenticate businesses that are registering Controlled Equipment. Ensure you have a valid business BCeID before you start. You can use this link for complete steps and registration for a Business BCeID.

2. Create your business profile

A first-time visitor will be invited to fill out their business profile information including business number (BC Corporate Registry Number), business address and contact information.

3. Submit an application or a notification

Identify the type of owner category that applies to you (Authorized Owner, Waiver Holder, Registered Seller), and gather all required information before you proceed.

4. Consent to a Criminal Record Check (Registered Sellers only)

As part of the application for registering as a Registered Seller, applicants must obtain a criminal record check for their owners and managers, to verify whether an owner or manager has a criminal record or has had an adverse interaction with the law. The Registrar will evaluate the Registered Seller application for suitability, taking into consideration the results of the criminal record check for all owners and managers listed in the application.

5. Receive a certificate or notification

  • For Authorized Owners: Upon receiving a complete notification, the Registrar will issue a confirmation email.
  • For Registered Sellers and Waiver Holders: Upon granting a waiver or a registration, the Registrar will issue a waiver or registered seller certificate.

6. Register your controlled equipment

All owner categories must notify the Registrar about any Controlled Equipment they own, use or possess. Required information includes the type of equipment, name of manufacturer, make, model, serial number, intended use, storage location address, and the owner(s) contact information.

7. Record a controlled equipment sale

A Registered Seller must make a record of each sale and notify the Registrar within 10 days of sale completion with information such as type of equipment sold, date of the sale, method of payment, and the purchaser information.

8. Report a change on the controlled equipment location

Owners must notify the Registrar within 10 days of changing the location at which the Controlled Equipment is ordinarily stored. The required information includes the equipment registry number, the former and new address, and date of the move.

9. Report a stolen, lost or destroyed controlled equipment

In the case of theft or loss of the Controlled Equipment, the Registrar must be notified by the next business day and be provided with information such as the equipment registry number, date and circumstances of the incident, and the police file number, if any.

10. Deal with offences and penalties

Failure to comply with the Pill Press and Related Equipment Control Act may, without limitation, result in violation tickets and fines which will vary depending on the contravention.

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