Pill Press Online Registry

In accordance with the Pill Press and Related Equipment Control Act, the Province of British Columbia has established an online Pill Press Registry to maintain an inventory of Controlled Equipment.

The Pill Press Registry facilitates the respective processes for each authorized owner category, including Equipment Notification and issuance of relevant category confirmations or certificates.

Pill Press Online Registry Features

The Pill Press Registry has a user-friendly client interface that allows legitimate owners to easily register and track their pill press and related equipment online.  The Pill Press Online Registry uses a Business BCeID to authenticate businesses that are registering their Controlled Equipment. This ensures that all businesses interacting with the Pill Press Registry have been independently verified and authenticated by the British Columbia government.

The Equipment Notification Process

Register Controlled Equipment in five steps

  1. Authentication: Business BCeID to log in.
  2. Client Dashboard: From the Dashboard, you may select your owner category (via an Authorized Owner Notification, a Waiver application or a Registered Seller application) or an Equipment Notification for your inventory (link enabled once your authorized owner category is confirmed or approved). The status of Notifications or Applications is tracked on the Dashboard.
  3. Business Profile: A first-time visitor will be invited to fill out business profile information, such as addresses and contact information. The business profile page should be periodically updated as business information changes.
  4. Confirmation or Approval: When the Registrar confirms an Authorized Owner Notification, or approves a Waiver application or Registered Seller application, you will receive an email notice. As a Waiver Holder or Registered Seller, as applicable, you will also have the option to print your certificate from the Dashboard.
  5. Equipment Notification: You have an ongoing obligation to keep your Controlled Equipment inventory up-to-date, and to submit an Equipment Notification within 10 days of coming into possession of a new piece of equipment. Also, you must record changes in the status of existing equipment on your inventory through accessing applicable change processes from the Dashboard.

Register or Login

You need a Business BCeID account to access the Pill Press Online Registry. This is a credential comprised of a username and a password that enables you to securely access multiple online government services. Only businesses with a Business BCeID can access the Pill Press Online Registry. If you do not already possess a Business BCeID, you must obtain one.

Business BCeID

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Pill Press Online Registry.

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