About the LCRB

The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) oversees the regulation and licensing of liquor and non-medical cannabis establishments and events.

The LCRB also

  • Educates establishments about liquor and cannabis laws and rules
  • Promotes safe establishments and safe communities according to public health and interest
  • Makes sure modern liquor and cannabis policy, laws and tools meet the needs of citizens

On this page:


A progressive and balanced regulatory environment for liquor and legal non-medical cannabis.


Through sound policy and regulation, enable vibrant liquor and non-medical cannabis industries, while ensuring public health and safety. 


The LCRB is committed to

  • Working collaboratively and transparently with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Communicating openly
  • Fostering an environment of trust, respect and support
  • Accepting responsibility for its actions
  • Seeking solutions and striving to be more open, less risk averse and more experimental in its approach
  • Adopting and applying innovative approaches to all its work

Role of the general manager

The general manager oversees the LCRB. Under B.C. law, they have specific responsibilities and authorities.

All the LCRB's activities are undertaken under the authority of the general manager. The general manager administers the

They also supervise all establishments licensed under the LCLA and the CCLA, including

  • Manufacturers of liquor and agents
  • Places where special event permits are issued
  • Private cannabis stores and cannabis marketers