Online liquor licensing

Liquor licensing has moved online

All liquor licence types are available in the liquor and cannabis licensing portal. Liquor licences of all types are no longer managed through OneStop.

Once you are logged in to the portal, you can

  • Manage your account and establishment contact information
  • Apply for new licences, renew existing licences and apply for changes to your licence
  • Submit permanent licensee changes and personal history summary forms
  • Pay application, renewal and other fees
  • Download a copy of your licence
  • Coming soon--access aspects of inspection-related information

If you submitted an application to the LCRB that hasn't been approved yet, it will continue to be processed. The LCRB strongly encourages applicants to log into the liquor and cannabis licensing portal with their Business BCeID to manage their application.

Liquor licence types now online

All liquor licence types are now available online, including

  • Special Event Permits
  • Catering licences
  • Wine Store licences
  • Manufacturer licences
  • Licensee Retail Store licences
  • UBrew and UVin licences
  • Rural Licensee Retail Store licences
  • Liquor Primary licences
  • Food Primary licences
  • Agent licences

Refer to your terms and conditions handbook for more information about using the portal for your licence type.

Licensing portal guidelines

Business BCeID

You will not be able to log into the portal to renew your licence without a Business BCeID.

Licensees are required to use a Business BCeID to access the portal. You must have a Business BCeID to:

  • Make any changes to your account (contact info, legal entities)
  • Renew your licence
  • Pay fees online
  • Submit any type of new application or change job (new licence applications, endorsements and change jobs)

Before your licence type moves online, visit the Business BCeID directory to check if you have a BCeID. 

If you don’t have a BCeID, please register as soon as possible to allow enough time for processing.

You may not need to set up a new Business BCeID if you already have one. If you create a new BCeID unnecessarily, the new account will not be associated with your previous licences and could cause confusion. 

If you already have a Business BCeID, make sure you remember your login credentials. You can also set up additional users on the BCeID website for people who may need to access online services on behalf of your business.

It is the responsibility of the licensee to decide who has access to their Business BCeID.

Using the portal

Once you have your Business BCeID, you can log into the liquor and cannabis licensing portal.

The LCRB encourages licensees to log into the portal as soon as possible to confirm that all account and licence information is correct.

Once you log into the portal, use the Account Profile page to

  • Manage your contact information

If you log into the portal and your information is incorrect or incomplete, please contact for support.

On the Dashboard page you can

  • Submit new applications
  • Review in-progress applications
  • Manage your organization structure by
    • Applying for licensee changes
    • Updating the account profile, including contact information

On the Licences page you can

  • Apply for endorsements
  • Complete renewals
  • Complete change jobs