Searching for Opportunities

Learn how you can find and apply for jobs with the BC Public Service whether you are an existing employee, an external applicant, or looking for executive opportunities.

Current Job Postings

Use the links below to search for jobs with the BC Public Service:

Application Process for Internal Applicants who Cannot Access Internal Postings

If you are an internal applicant who cannot access internal postings listed in the RMS, please read Internal Applicants who Cannot Access Internal Postings (PDF, 305KB) to learn more.

Examples of employees who are not able to access internal postings include:

  • Auxiliary employees on layoff with recall rights
  • Employees on leave (e.g. maternity leave, LTD or pending LTD, deferred salary leave, etc.)
  • Former employees (e.g. interns, etc.) who have in-service status under collective agreement provisions for a specified time
  • Eligible employees who work for an Agency, Board or Commission that does not use IDIR authentication (e.g. Liquor Distribution Branch)

RMS Quick Tips

To learn how to search for job opportunities, create an account, apply for a job and accept a job offer, use the Job Seekers Quick Reference Guide (DOCX, 1.5MB) or check out the topics below.

Once you are on the Current Job Postings page, you can search for jobs based on various search criteria.  To search for jobs, enter Keywords and/or select from the drop down options displayed in the search form and then click the “Search” button.  Click "Reset" to remove any search criteria entered. There is also an Advanced Search that provides more fields in the search form than the Quick Search.  To view all the jobs posted, you can either click the "Search" button on the search form without entering any criteria or click on the View All Jobs option.

  • Search by job title (example: Band 4, CLK R9, Court Clerk)
  • Search by complete word(s). Partial word and wildcard searches are not supported (example: if you are looking for a Court Clerk job, typing cler or cler* will not produce search results)
  • Use ‘At least One Of the Following’ for a broader search
  • Ministry name searches cannot be completed for multiple ministry names
  • Type a letter to display Ministry name in the drop down menu. Type a letter multiple times to move to the next item in the drop down list. (example: click "M" multiple times to display the next name starting with “M” in the drop down list)
  • Category Search: You can search for single and multiple job categories (example: Leadership and Management, Finance)
  • Location Search: You can search for single and multiple locations
  • Unions Search: Search for jobs by single and multiple unions and professional associations
  • Close Date Search: Search for jobs closing on a specific date
  • Multiple Selection Tip:
    • Using a PC: Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and move the mouse over the desired options in the list box to highlight them.
    • Using a Mac: Hold down the 'Command' key to perform this action.
  • Reset: Click “Reset” to remove all search criteria entered
  • Save search criteria as an Agent to receive email notifications about jobs

A job search agent saves your job searches and automatically emails you when a new job is posted or updated on our website. To create a job search agent, first create an account. You can create multiple job search agents, make the agent active or delete a job search agent.

Agents are created by saving the criteria from your job search. At the bottom of the search results page is a button to Save Search as an Agent. On the next screen displayed, enter a Search Agent Name and make the agent active. The agents you create will show in the Search Agents listing.

You can view your job search agents in the Career Centre > Job Search Agent Page. You can see the agent's name, status, delivery method, delivery frequency, next run date, and date created. You can click the linked Agent Name to view the search criteria. Use the icons in the Actions column to perform the following:

  • Run Agent Manually - allows you to run your agent manually, view the posting open and close dates, Ministry name, union and location
  • Deactivate/Activate - an open lock symbol shows the agent is active and a closed lock symbol shows the agent has been deactivated. Click the icon to change the status
  • Delete - allows you to delete the agent.

A search agent cannot be edited once it is created. You can delete the agent and create a new agent with different search criteria.

When a job matches your search agent criteria, you will receive an email notification that displays any new advertised jobs. The email includes the Posting Title, Career Level (Classification), Date Needed and Hires Needed. We cannot customize the information displayed in the email. Run the agent manually to view the ministry, location and posting dates.

To access internal job postings, you must be IDIR authenticated. Log in to your RMS account before you click on the job link in the email notification. Once you are logged in, click on the job title link in the email to view the job posting details including Ministry name, location, union and posting close date.

When you run the job search agent manually, the results include location, Ministry name, union, open and close date. To run the agent manually: 

  1. Log in to your RMS account
  2. Click on Career Centre > Job Search > Job Search Agents (page with current agents will display)
  3. Click on the 'play button' in the Actions Column to ‘Run the agent manually’
  4. The results will display the jobs based on your search criteria and include Ministry/ Organization; Requisition #; Job Title; Union; Location; Date Opened; Date Closed.
  5. To view the job posting and to ‘Apply’ - Click on the Job Title


Video Tutorial Topics


Applying for a Job with the BC Public Service Part 2: Your Job Application

About Job Postings

All our job postings include details on the job and a link to a job profile. To view the job details, click on the job title in the posting. The job requirements section will outline the qualifications for the position.

For information on applying, view our hiring process for applicants.

For information on the ministry or organization, visit the provincial government ministry and organization listings.

For additional information about the job, follow up with the contact name listed in the posting.

Before you apply for a position, review the application requirements and highlight your education and experience that is relevant to the opportunity.