Team Coaching

This coaching service is ideal for operational teams that focus on the service outcomes and internal dynamics of the team.

Team Coaching offers reflection, review and feedback to team members on how the team is functioning and relating while they are focusing on a particular goal or challenge. This partnership takes place over 3-6 months (and in some cases longer). The coach uses expertise, inquiry and observation to help the team identify and examine pain points, explore the meaning behind them, and find solutions. Using a learning cycle of reflection, new thinking, planning and action, the objective is to help the team elevate their collective performance, build critical skills, and make the most of their resources. This may involve

  • Establishing clear and unifying business goals
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Establishing and refining effective and efficient processes
  • Promoting strong and constructive relationships amongst team members

Leadership Team Coaching

This service is ideal for leadership teams whose focus is on collective leadership and performance goals focused on business results.

Leadership Team Coaching not only focusses on key team performance goals, but also addresses how the team collectively provides leadership to those who report to them, how they improve their business outputs and outcomes, and how they influence key stakeholder groups (and how the stakeholders influence them). Furthermore, the process assists leadership and management teams to create a shared purpose across diverse business lines and competing priorities. Through this longer term (9-12 months) commitment, leaders have an opportunity to focus and refine collective goals, intrapersonal and interpersonal development, and cultivate mutual benefits for themselves and stakeholders.