Team coaching

Last updated: March 16, 2020

This service is for BC Public Service leadership, project and some operational teams focusing on improving team effectiveness for greater impact on outcomes linked to their mandate, and in service to their stakeholders and organizations.

Team leads are required to request service and complete a questionnaire to help us determine need, fit, commitment and potential impact.

Due to high demand, we currently have a wait-list for our services.

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"Team coaching is bringing our leadership team to a new level in how we can support and work with each other in leading our broader team to success."

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About the process

The team partners with a coach through a customized process to examine how they work in relationship with each other and their clients, while focusing on an important goal, priority or business challenge.

The objective is to elevate the team’s collective performance and build capacity for responding to the ever-changing, diverse, and complex environment in which they work.

Furthermore, the process is designed to assist teams to create a shared purpose across diverse business lines and competing priorities.

The following highlights some key team functions on which the coach may focus:

  • Creating shared understanding of stakeholder needs
  • Providing collective leadership
  • Improving business outputs and outcomes to align with the strategic objectives of the organization
  • Examining how team learning occurs and is used to create, innovate and flourish
  • Establishing clear and unifying business goals
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Establishing and refining effective and efficient processes
  • Promoting strong and constructive relationships among team members
  • Develop business driven leadership skills
  • Cultivate mutual benefits for themselves and stakeholders

Request team coaching

Submit an AskMyHR (IDIR restricted) service request and follow these steps:

  • Select My Team/Organization > Coaching & MyPerformance > Coaching Services
  • Note any special considerations or requests that would assist in processing your coaching request

If you're a B.C. government employee without an IDIR, call the BC Public Service Agency to submit your service request.