Coaching Services

Coaching Services delivers high impact services that help leaders at all levels achieve individual, team and organizational results.

Outcomes You Might Expect From Coaching

  • Expanded leadership capability, confidence and impact
  • Increased accountability and achievement of business outcomes
  • Greater skill, competency and confidence to proactively address conflict
  • Increased effectiveness in leading teams to maximize performance to accomplish business results
  • Strengthened communication skills and interpersonal relationships

Coaching is right for you if

  • You understand having a positive impact on your bottom line business results is important
  • You thrive on being challenged
  • You are willing to invest the time and focus needed to accomplish your goals
  • You take responsibility for your learning, development and career advancement
  • You are prepared to think critically, problem solve and take action related to your goals and everyday challenges
  • You are willing to reflect on your results for learning and future application

Available Services

Coaching Services are open to all BC Public Service employees. Everyone, regardless of position, has leadership potential.

  • Leadership Coaching: Partner with your coach to achieve your goals and become a more effective leader regardless of title
  • Team Coaching: Whether you are a leadership, operational or project team, invest in your performance with this customized service
  • Conflict Coaching: Increase your competence and confidence to manage interpersonal conflict and disputes in the workplace
  • Group Coaching: Engage with a small group for coaching around a common topic

About BC Public Service Coaches

The team of certified BC Public Service Business and Leadership Coaches brings a depth and breadth of knowledge, experience and skills to the table. Their expertise in coaching has been honed through staying current with best practices in organizational coaching, leadership development, and performance, with a strong focus on people and business effectiveness. In addition, they have extensive knowledge and experience of the BCPS workplace environment. The coaches engage in ongoing development. They adhere to the International Coach Federation (ICF) code of ethics, standards and core competencies.