Where a public service career can take you

The rewards of a public service career

Public servants take pride in the satisfaction and sense of belonging that comes from working for the public:

We take time to celebrate achievements and discuss opportunities and employee engagement and recognition comes in a variety of forms.

There are also other rewards, like a competitive wage, full benefits and a work-life balance:

There's work for everyone

The BC Public Service is as diverse as the people it serves. The people who work here represent everyone in B.C. This includes minority communities, immigrants, persons with disabilities, Indigenous people and the LGBTQ2+ community:

A respectful and inclusive workplace. The public service provides ongoing education and current resources to help promote a respectful and inclusive workplace for everyone. This includes guidance for accessibility, Indigenous cultural safety and reconciliation, LGBTQ awareness, gender diversity and women in leadership and inclusive leadership.

Here are a few examples:

Dynamic and challenging work

Change your job without missing a pay cheque. Employees do not have to stay in the same job for several years. They're encouraged to grow their career by trying out different work assignments, applying for jobs in other departments or ministries, or volunteering in a personally-tailored assignment.

The needs of the public and changing government priorities push us to work differently. Even in the context of government with policies and rules, the public service strives to be responsive. 

Here's how:

We share leadership and accountability. Leaders challenge employees to take initiative and they expect to be challenged in return. We collaborate. For example, policy decisions involve input from from many people with different expertise.

It's not just an office job. The BC Public Service needs all sorts of different skill sets. Our roles range from front-line workers to accountants and architects, researchers and analysts, to information technology professionals, scientists, engineers and doctors.

With 30,000+ jobs, there's interesting work for everyone:

What we're working on

Check out some of the work we do in the featured videos below: