About the Provincial Employees Community Services Fund


The Provincial Employees Community Services Fund (PECSF), also known as the Community Fund, was founded in 1965 to facilitate provincial government employee contributions to local non-profit organizations. This was the beginning of the automatic payroll deduction to charity program for employees.

 Over $45 million has been raised by provincial employees since the Community Fund started:

  • 100 percent of donations are given to hundreds of charitable organizations
  • Government absorbs all administrative costs
  • Fund Supported Pool donations stay within the local community

PECSF is registered with the federal government as a Charitable Employee Trust, governed by a board of directors and is the only organization authorized to conduct a canvass of provincial government employees in the workplace. 


  • Inspire BC Public Service employees to support local charitable organizations through biweekly and one-time payroll deductions and through fundraising events
  • Support local charitable programs through funding requests received in three-year funding cycles from non-profit organizations servicing the needs of individuals in the local community

The donated funds are administered in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and are distributed to approved charitable organizations.

PECSF: Did You Know?

  • Over 1,000 B.C. public servants proudly volunteer annually
  • Volunteerism is encouraged and supported by executive
  • Each year the PECSF central office holds training sessions (in person and virtually) to instruct new volunteers about campaign procedures and refresh seasoned employee volunteers
  • Each year a deputy minister is invited to be the campaign's honourary chair
  • Each year campaign kick-off events are held in Victoria, Vancouver and other regions to initiate the start of the awareness campaign, which runs from mid-September to mid-November. These events provide an opportunity for volunteer teams and donors to meet their local region’s PECSF funded charitable organizations. This is also a time for volunteers to network, share ideas and build momentum to carry through the campaign’s duration
  • Workplace fundraising campaigns are coordinated by PECSF volunteers within their respective ministry/organization or in some locations by cross-ministry promotion and building-led campaigns
  • Each ministry, agency, board or commission designates at least one lead representative who coordinates their team’s overall annual workplace PECSF awareness campaign
  • Volunteer groups of canvassers and event helpers report directly to their designate PECSF Lead Coordinator or workplace PECSF committee, organize and support their respective work areas and colleagues
  • Recognition events are held in January and early February to recognize volunteers and their achievements. Awards are presented and certificates of appreciation are sent to all volunteers throughout the province
  • All employee contributions are electronically forwarded to the PECSF central office in Victoria for distribution to the charities
  • Contributions are disbursed twice a year to the various charities chosen by donors
  • The Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia conducts an annual review. The review process provides additional confidence and assurance to all PECSF donors/supporters
  • PECSF is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a private foundation/employee trust: BN/Registration Number: 88940 7466 RR0001
  • The PECSF central office in Victoria has two full-time and one part-time staff member who manage and administer the fund
  • A Board of Directors, made up of BC Public Service employees, supports the Community Fund by clarifying policies and procedures relating to strategic planning and financial decisions
  • PECSF regional committee members volunteer throughout the province, making the Fund Supported Pool a viable option of choice for donors
  • Every year, committee members review applicable Fund Supported Pool charity programs to ensure all donated dollars continue to fund approved programs/services
  • In addition, every three years, these committees accept new applications for funding and conduct interviews of charities wishing to receive funding in their local communities (PECSF region)
  • Since its inception, PECSF has expanded to serve 28 regions throughout British Columbia