Provincial Employees Community Services Fund Charities

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What Are Our Funding Priorities?

The Provincial Employees Community Services Fund (PECSF), also known as the Community Fund, focuses on charities that are in local communities in B.C., although they may be affiliated with provincial or national charities.

The focus of fundraising, promotion and distribution is local and all funds raised stay in the region.

Preference will be given to organizations with a project/program or service that

  • Aligns with organization's mission and mandate, has two years of success
  • Has staff expertise and involves volunteers
  • Positively affects more than 20 people
  • Adds regional value and is innovative
  • Aids other organizations in region through its outcomes
  • Involves external evaluation and performance measurement
  • Requests less than 40 percent of total budget and is sustainable beyond the three-year PECSF funding cycle

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

To be eligible for funding, the applying organization must

  • Have a valid Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) registration number
  • Be compliant with BC Societies Act requirements (if applicable)
  • Be compliant with PECSF reporting requirements from past funding cycles
  • Have been operational for a minimum of three years
  • Apply less than 20 percent of organizational budget directed to administrative costs
  • Be free of deficits or large debts
  • Have funding partners in addition to PECSF identified for proposed project/program/service
  • Have sufficient existing funds to implement/operate approved program until first disbursement of funds. (Cheques are issued twice a year: August and March)

Applications will be declined if PECSF is the sole source of funding.

Funding will not be granted for any of the following purposes:

  • Deficit reduction
  • Political activities
  • Direct religious activities
  • Fundraising
  • Capital costs

Please note: Fund Supported charities have annual reporting requirements. Please consider your organization's capacity before applying. Although the annual reports are not onerous, they are mandatory. Failure to provide the required information each year by the deadline of May 31 will affect the continuation of funding for the remainder of the funding cycle and potentially for future funding cycles. For more information on funding cycle reporting requirements, please see How to Apply

PECSF receives far more requests for funding than is available from the Fund Supported Pool.