Provincial Employees Community Services Fund Board of Directors

PECSF Chair Lori HallsChair

Lori Halls, Deputy Minister, BC Public Service Agency

Chair board meetings
Approve changes to the board on behalf of the Minister
Confirm budget and resource requirements


PECSF Deputy Chair and Staff Liason Doug CaulDeputy Chair and Staff Liason

Doug Caul, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

Deputy Chair
Signing authority for cheques
Primary liason for the PECSF office


PECSF Financial Officer Dean SkinnerFinancial Officer

Dean Skinner, Chief Financial Officer, Destination BC Corporation

Ensure compliance with government financial policies and best practices
Work with the PECSF Financial Officer on matters related to financial control and administration


PECSF Campaign Representative Wes ShoemakerCampaign Representative

Wes Shoemaker, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture

Provide Honourary Chair experience



PECSF Regional Representative Lisa ChongRegional Representative

Lisa Chong, Financial Officer, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

Provide awareness campaign and regional committee experience




The Board of Directors (the board) is appointed by the government of British Columbia and members will cease to hold office if no longer an employee or at the will of the employer.

The role of the board is to provide leadership and oversight of the activities of the Provincial Employees Community Services Fund (PECSF), also known as the Community Fund. The board represents the interests of employees, charities and the broader community.

In providing leadership, the board will work with staff and stakeholders in setting goals and objectives, reviewing outcomes and monitoring and evaluating overall performance.

In providing oversight, the board will rely on adherence to a budget and will ensure that PECSF follows best practices in dealing with donors, charities and in utilizing staff and volunteers. The board will set operational policies but will not be involved with day-to-day decisions.

Key Duties of the Board of Directors

Fiduciary duty

Directors have a fiduciary duty to act on behalf of and solely in the interest of PECSF. Directors have the obligation to avoid situations in which their own personal interests are put above, or even seen to be put above, those of the fund. Directors cannot use their positions for their own benefit.

Directors must ensure that PECSF funds are controlled, accounted for and well managed by embracing these principles:

  • Funds are managed with the best interest of the beneficiaries (the charities) in mind and in accordance with rules set out in the Trust Agreement (PDF, 419KB)
  • Funds are disbursed to charities in accordance with the wishes of the donors and in keeping with the overall PECSF goals as a charitable trust
  • Funds are handled properly and honestly

Financial management

The board shall approve a PECSF budget by the end of March each year based on anticipated administrative costs and funding expectations from government. The board shall approve the draft audited financial statements for presentation to the BC Public Service Agency. The board shall recommend the appointment of the fund's auditor. The board shall ensure that PECSF has adequate accounting systems and procedures with appropriate internal controls.

Board Composition

The Provincial Employees Community Services Fund (PECSF) Trust Agreement (PDF, 419KB) specifies that there must be five persons on the board who must be active employees of the Province of B.C. The deputy minister responsible for the BC Public Service Agency is the chair of the board unless they delegate that responsibility or if the minister responsible for the agency directs otherwise. The board has been appointed based on the following roles.

For more information, see the Community Fund Trust Documents infographic (PDF, 63KB).

If you need an original, dated copy of the PECSF Trust Agreement (PDF, 419KB) please email