Highway 97 - Peachland Transportation Study

The Central Okanagan area has experienced strong economic and population growth, accompanied by increasing highway traffic volumes. As the only north-south link connecting Okanagan communities, Highway 97 is vital to the region’s economy. The segment through Peachland is the last remaining two-lane highway between Penticton and Vernon.

The Highway 97 – Peachland Transportation study is exploring options for improving future safety and mobility for the corridor. As part of the Central Okanagan Planning Study the study is examining current and projected conditions on the Highway 97 corridor, and considering demographics, community plans, traffic and safety reports.

To date, the Highway 97 – Peachland Transportation Study has completed:

  • An assessment of the current and forecast future conditions and performance of the Highway 97 corridor through Peachland, with results shared with the public for feedback in June 2016
  • A range of improvement options, including possible alternate routes and improvements along the existing route, were shared with the public for feedback in November 2016

The current phase of the study is being finalized. It will identify two preferred options: one that uses the existing corridor and one that uses an alternate corridor. The public will have an opportunity to comment on the conclusions during the next phase of the study.

The next phase of the study will immediately follow the first phase and will take 18 months to complete. It will establish the ultimate long-term solution and implementation strategy. Public engagement will be ongoing during this phase.

Community Engagement

See Community Engagement for detailed information about the ongoing dialogue with local governments, First Nations, stakeholders and the public, as well as study results to date.