Highway 97 - Peachland Transportation Study

The Peachland Transportation Study looks at options to improve Highway 97 in the Peachland area. The study took place between 2015 and 2021. It builds on the technical work of the broader Central Okanagan Planning Study.

Peachland Study Banner

Phase 1

This phase of the study, completed in 2019, identified long-term improvement options for Highway 97 that consider alternate routes. It determined that:

  • The two-lane highway corridor running through the municipality will reach capacity by 2040
  • A four-lane option is not required until 2040


Phase 2

This phase of the study completed in 2021. It further evaluated the options identified in Phase 1. It identified short-term and medium-term options to:

  • Improve safety on the existing route
  • Support transit service
  • Support active transportation


Community Engagement

Community input was a key part of the study and included:

  • Opportunities for the public to provide feedback on the options identified
  • Engagement and consultation with local governments, the Penticton Indian Band Chief and council, and community organizations
  • Meetings with a community liaison committee and technical advisory committee



Monitoring of traffic volumes, travel patterns and safety data continues. When it is time to plan for a four-lane corridor to meet transportation needs by 2040, the study will be reviewed