BC Bus Pass Program

Low-income seniors and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) have access to the BC Bus Pass Program. The pass is valid in communities served by BC Transit or Translink. 

On this page:

Persons with Disabilities can receive a bus pass as part of their disability assistance.  

Low-income seniors and other eligible people can access the program at a reduced cost.

A BC Bus Pass is a Compass Card pass that can be used on both BC Transit and TransLink systems throughout the province. HandyDart is not included in this program.

Only you can use your Bus Pass. You cannot lend, give or sell your pass to another person. 

Using the BC Bus Pass

The BC Bus Pass is a Compass Card that lets you access transit service in both TransLink and BC Transit service areas. 

Using your card:

BC Transit: show your pass to the driver


  • Metro Vancouver Compass Card users must tap their card and not their wallet. Card readers and gates accept credit card and mobile wallet payments for individual fares. Remove the Compass Card from your wallet; tap ONLY the card you wish to use for travel. 
  • Tap in:
    • When getting on the bus
    • When changing buses
    • When transferring from the bus to the Skytrain
  • Tap out:
    • When exiting Skytrain

For transit information in Greater Vancouver, visit the TransLink website. For communities outside the TransLink service area visit the BC Transit website.

BC Transit sticker

BC Bus Pass holders must have a BC Transit annual validation sticker for the current year attached to their Compass Card if they want to use the BC Transit system which serves communities outside of Metro Vancouver.

You do not need a sticker to travel on TransLink.

Your Compass Card remains valid for use on the TransLink system without the sticker. Attaching the BC Transit sticker simply ensures your Compass Card will also be valid on transit systems outside of the TransLink service area.

You can request a sticker by contacting the BC Bus Pass program at 1-866-866-0800, or emailing: BCBusPassProgram@gov.bc.ca. It will be mailed to you at no cost. 

If you are a BC Bus Pass holder who lives in a community served by BC Transit (IE, outside of Metro Vancouver) you will need to place the BC Transit sticker on your Compass Card to ensure continued access to the system.  You should already have received a letter with your sticker enclosed.

If you lost your sticker or did not receive one, please contact the BC Bus Pass program at 1-866-866-0800, or email BCBusPassProgram@gov.bc.ca.

These stickers are available at no cost to you, and ensure that BC Bus Pass holders can continue to use transit systems across BC. 

Contact the BC Bus Pass program.

Find out more about the bus pass for people on disability assistance.

Find out more about the bus pass for low-income seniors and other eligible people. 

Read the acts, regulations and policy that guide BC Bus Pass program eligibility in the BCEA Policy and Procedure Manual.

Contact us


General questions and documents can be submitted via email. Emails that do not include the Bus Pass General Enquiry Form (pdf) may cause processing delay.


Call 1 866 866-0800, Monday to Friday between 9 am  4 pm. 

If you are getting ministry services and have a PIN:

  • Enter your personal information number and PIN or Social Insurance number
  • Choose Option 3
  • Choose Option 1

If you don't have a personal information number:

  • Choose Option 2
  • Choose Option 1

Note: We offer interpretive services over the phone in many languages. When the phone is answered, please state your language and hold for an interpreter.

If you are calling on behalf of someone, we require the individual’s verbal or written consent. The applicant can fill out the Bus Pass Consent to Disclosure Form (PDF) and submit via email, fax or mail. For information on how to fill out this form, see this example form (PDF).


  • Download the Bus Pass General Inquiry form
  • Fill in the form and print it
  • Mail to:

BC Bus Pass Program
Victoria, BC V8W 9R6


1 855 771-8788

If you are advocating for more than one person, please send separate faxes for each person. This helps us maintain privacy.

Representing others

You can speak to us on behalf of a client, friend or family member. However, we must get verbal or written permission from the person applying before speaking to you.

Verbal consent is only valid for the duration of the phone call. The applicant can fill out the Bus Pass Program Consent to Disclosure of Information Form (PDF) and submit via email, fax or mail to provide long-term consent. For information on how to fill out this form, please see this example form (PDF).