Filing TransLink Fare Evasion Fine Disputes in Provincial Court

Learn how to file a TransLink Fare Evasion Fine Dispute in Provincial Court.

The procedures for disputing and appealing a fare infraction ticket are set out in the following:

What are the rules for disputing a TransLink fare evasion ticket?

If you disagree with a fine, you can dispute it. The new fare evasion rules include a three-step dispute process:

Step 1 - Dispute Process

Send your Notice of Dispute to a TransLink representative.

Step 2 - Appeal Process

If you are unsatisfied with that decision from Step 1, send a Notice of Appeal for review by an independent arbitrator.

Step 3 - Review by the Provincial Court

If the ticket is not cancelled in Step 2, once you have the ruling from the arbitrator, you have 30 days to complete and mail two forms:

These two forms must be completed and submitted to:

Robson Square Provincial Court
800 Hornby St.
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2G5

You may file your documents either in person at Robson Square Provincial Court Registry or by mail. The address for filing these documents is on Form 1. Please note, the Referral for Review Affidavit form must be sworn by a Notary and there may be a fee associated with that. You may also choose to have the Affidavit sworn at the court registry. If so, the fee for having this document sworn will be $31. When you get your document sworn you will be asked for government issued picture identification. Remember to attach your Fare Infraction Ticket and the Arbitrator's Decision letter to your Affidavit.

Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure that the court registry receives your documents in the appropriate timeframes. If submitting your documents by mail, please ensure that you are leaving enough time to do so and are mailing the documents to the correct location.