Intersection safety cameras

Most crashes in British Columbia happen at intersections. To reduce injuries and save lives, B.C. installs intersection safety cameras—sometimes called red light cameras—at intersections where crashes occur frequently.

Warning signs let drivers know the intersection has cameras. Stopping for red lights and observing the speed limits help to reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities.

Payment and dispute options

  • Payment options are available online, by mail and by phone at 604-661-2240. Partial payment options or payment by installments is also available online or by phone. There is no minimum amount.
  • Ticket disputes can also be made by mail if clients are not able to drop off their dispute forms in person at a provincial court registry or at an ICBC driver licensing office.
  • Clients without access to scanners or printers can file a dispute without completing the Violation Ticket Notice of Dispute form or a copy of the VT; however, they will need to provide all relevant information in writing by mail, including the VT# and their signature.

You weren't driving?

Violation tickets are issued to a vehicle's registered owner. The owner may not have been the driver when the violation took place. Even so, they are responsible for paying or disputing the ticket.